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She has received several awards including the Latin American Art Award for Women in 2003.
He has exhibited successfully in some cities of the Mexican Republic, New York, Australia, etc.
The painting of Adriana Andrade is characterized by its strength, vitality and passion. Navigate between the figurative abstract and the pure abstract, with fast thin strokes, transparent others loaded with color, textures with thick, thin, torn, superimposed, paper and great color, creating very attractive works of great invoice.

GONZÁLEZ (1949_)

Outstanding jalisciense watercolorist. In October 2009, he received the "PINCEL DE PLATA" Presea, the highest award in plastic art in the state of Jalisco. He has received throughout his career several prizes in particular for his works in watercolor, works in truth out of the ordinary. He is a master in lights, shines and transparencies. Deploying your resume here would be very long, but suffice to say that your collectors have them all over the world. Mexico, New York, Japan, in Europe has faithful collectors. We are talking about a mystic of painting.

Mario Navarrorosales

Navarro is careful and observant of the human emotions, urban, of personages unknown or known of the street. Meticulous painter of the pop art, of the comic, narrates in his paintings complete experiences of his personages, impregnated sometimes of sour poetry and until desolated, but that in the context of his painting makes us reflect and approach with pleasure to his art. Tireless in his work, it is a pleasure to visit his vast and vast collection of paintings.